In an Open Executive Session on June 2017 titled Board of Selectmen - Public Executive Session - 6/6/17, which can been seen here   you again hear Enrico Cappucci deny having an extraordinary relationship with disgraced officer Alfreda Cromwell.
We can assume no relationship exists wherein you buy an individual a bedroom suite, where that individual purchases for you, a flat screen TV. Does that not constitute a “relationship”? Staying overnight 4 to 5 nights per week, is not a relationship and the emails shared earlier, of course is not proof of an unusual relationship existing. So we can assume the attached does not constitute a relationship either. Let the citizens be the judge!   




Dad and I were able to view the February 12 2018 Selectmen’s meeting that meeting can be found here    titled Board of Selectmen - February 12, 2018. At minute 1:09:30 you will hear an ole adage  “The pot calling the kettle black” taken to new heights. Enrico Cappucci the ultimate master of deception, apparently unaware that the microphone in front of him actually functions says “Evan Katz was the ultimate master of deception”.  Setting aside the fact that the slanderous and potentially liable statement made by this reprobate should and potentially will get him sued at maximum, or be made to publically apologize at a minimum.   Cappucci forgets HIS own deceptive acts. Unlike Cappucci (and his associate Haase) here’s a refresher for all!
Go to this location;

Click on VOD, then Board of Selectmen  and go to Board of Selectmen - Public Executive Session - 6/6/17, between minutes 7:25 through 13:00 you will hear the attorney for the Chief discuss a litany of issues wherein Cappucci should have excused himself from his “witch hunt” You will hear Cappucci threaten the attorney by saying “You are starting to cross the line councilor” you will hear him deny the fact that he had (and still has) an unusual relationship with Cromwell.  At minute 12:05 you will hear Cappucci state after he cut the attorney off in mid sentence and as the attorney was preparing to present documents proving Cappuccis unusual relationship with  Cromwell  “You are defaming me in front of all these people” and refused to step aside.

We are now in possession of documents that prove Cappucci was lying to this attorney, lying in his actions against the former chief and continues to lie about his involvement and unusual relationship with disgraced officer Alfreda Cromwell to the residents of Shirley.

Here is an excerpt from a sworn statement submitted as a supporting document that was obtained from Lowell Superior court along with all of the recall materials submitted, this can be found in its entirety on the “recall” page herein;

To the best of my knowledge the committee met and reviewed the 20 or so applicants for the new Chiefs position during the July/August 2014 time frame and as a result of this committee with all their combined law enforcement experience opted not to recommend Sgt. Cromwell for the next phase which was the actual interviewing of the finalist by the committee. This vote by the committee not to recommend Cromwell was 5-0 and I was informed that “she just did not have the requisite time in grade or experience, having just under 7 years in a department and less than two in a supervisory position“.  In my opinion when you have a committee with this wealth of experience you must listen to their advice. The goal was then to have the committee orally interview the finalist and narrow that group to three to present those finalists the Board of Selectmen. Which was done and the Selectmen ultimately selected our current Chief (Thomas Goulden). The day it was determined that Cromwell was not recommend to the next step and was notified of this, I got a call from Cappucci who was absolutely out of his mind with anger. He started by yelling loud enough that my husband was able to clearly hear him (We were sitting on the back deck having coffee at the time)  He told me I did not work hard enough to get the Allie the position, that I should have used the “Woman Card”, that he was bitterly disappointed in me, and that I ruined Allies career. During his shouting I hung up on him and he called back calmer and then his anger elevated and I hung up again. He told me just before hanging up that he promised Allie the Chief’s job and she would get it with or without me. At this point our relationship ended and since then we have not had any personal dealing with the Cappucci family.

Here are two (2) of the numerous documents received that will fully expose Cappucci, then later Haase and still later why James Wilson suddenly resigned  mere weeks after being re-elected to a full three year term, in his lies as a sitting Selectmen judging the veracity of our former chief. 

 Further documents will be released and vetting and time permitting;    



I have a public records request into the Town of Shirley, into the Town of Duxbury, into the City of Boston Police Department and into Boston University.  
Please stand by;

UPDATE: I've reached out to former Board of Selectmen members. This was done as the new board talked about "Healing the Town" and yet have taken aggressive steps to attack the old board at every turn.
This vindictive and unseemly attack on all things is spearheaded by Enrico Cappucci.  Evidence will show has a lengthy record of misstating fact, deliberate lies, harassment and support of those who can do him a "solid" and then will immediately eliminate them from his list of  "friends" as soon as their usefulness to his agenda has expired.

                 2nd  Information Dump
Offered for your review to show the extent of harassment, hostile work environment et-all Cappucci will do to anyone who gets in his way, Shirley Voted for this "man".

NOTICE the deliberate and systematic, harassment, the self important attitude on full (and dangerous) display. This Executive Session is 47 pages in length and there are three signed statements attached. 

Statements of complaint have been posted 1st and then the minutes, finally an open letter to the DA concerning Cappucci!